Final Paper Submission Instructions

Final Version of Your CIS-RAM 2024 Paper

The comments from reviews and the editor/associate editor can be found via your PaperPlaza account at Papercept. Please address these comments and suggestions when preparing the final version of your paper.

Your final version must be submitted using PaperPlaza. The deadline for final paper submission is 23th, Jun, 2024 (23:59:59 US Pacific time). Please ensure that the PaperPlaza metadata such as title, abstract and author list is correct since this information will be included in the program.

Please recall the commitment statement you provided when submitting your paper: "the final version is expected to correspond in length and contents to your accepted submission, except for parts that might be added or modified to address the reviewers' comments. It is considered unethical to shorten or otherwise alter the final version in ways that make it significantly different than what was reviewed and accepted."

Page Length - Papers in the CIS-RAM Proceedings

Your final submission must comply with the maximum paper length, i.e., eight pages.

Any final paper submitted by the final submission deadline that does not comply with the pages requirement will be SUMMARILY REJECTED and REMOVED from the conference proceedings. Authors will not have the opportunity to fix the non-compliance, given the short time window between final submission deadline and the conference publication deadline.


The similarity score of your final submission should comply with the conference requirements.

Conference Digest Template

Digest must be prepared in MS PowerPoint(no other file format accepted). Authors may use this template as a guide.


After the final paper submission, please proceed to submit the e-copyright form via your PaperPlaza account at Papercept.

IEEE PDF eXpress

To ensure the format of your final submission comply with the IEEE conference format reqirements, please use IEEE PDF eXpress site to check your final version of the paper. Please log in using the conference code: 61939X.

Support and Information

1.PaperPlaza: Click to PaperPlaza

2.Paper preparation guidelines: Click to Paper preparation guidelines page

3.Templates: LaTeX and MS Word: Click to get templates

4.For technical assistance with PaperPlaza, please contact the Technical Support:

5.For additional information on paper submissions, please contact:

6.For general conference information, please contact the General Chair and the Conference Secretary: