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Final Online Paper Submission

Authors of papers accepted for publication on the CIS-RAM 2010 conference, after proof-reading, shall submit IEEE PDF eXpress compliant files through the following website:

NOTE:Only PDF files checked/created via IEEE PDF eXpress and which use the CIS-RAM 2010 template will be accepted for final publication on the Proceedings.

Instructions for creating PDF compliant files:

  1. create your manuscript making sure to use the CIS-RAM 2010 template;
  2. proof-read, proof-read and proof-read again;
  3. create an account on IEEE PDF eXpress website using your own email and one of the following Conference IDs
    • ram10x   (for RAM2010 Conference)
    • cis10x     (for CIS2010 Conference)
  4. create a PDF compliant file (refer to these help notes on using IEEE PDF eXpress) from your source files (e.g. word files, postscript files, zipped folder with DVI and figures, …)

Instructions for sumbission of IEEE eCopyright form:

  • Please kindly be advised to click here to download the help file.

For any enquiries during submission process or in relation to PDF compliance, please email to


























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