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  2008 IEEE CIS & RAM  
  _   June 28-30 | Singapore    
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On-line Registration and Payment

On-line Registration

• All participating authors should register on-line.


On-line Payment

• We highly encourage participants to use our on-line payment system with the options of payment using major credit cards.

• The link to the registration is:


Other Modes of Payment

• Participants who are unable to perform on-line payment should email the Finance Chair* to arrange other modes of payment. Please quote the paper number (e.g. RAM 123).

• Note that other modes of payment would be charged in Singapore Dollars, which is pegged slightly higher than the pricing in US Dollars.

• Participant should also bear all banking and exchange charges.


On-site Payment

• Participants who wish to perform on-site payment are requested to inform the Registration Chair*. Please quote the paper number (e.g. RAM 123).


Student Authors – Proof of Studentship

• All student authors must email a softcopy of a valid student ID or an endorsement letter from his university to the Registration Chair* before making payment. Please quote the paper number (e.g. RAM 123).


*Email contact of Registration & Finance Chairs:




Click on the register button to proceed to the online registration system.


Cancellation Policy

No cancellation will be allowed once payment is received.


The organizer and its employees shall not be liable in Singapore or elsewhere to the registered participant in contract, tort or otherwise except as expressly stated in the registration form




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