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Paper Review

Information for Reviewers

If you are new to PaperCept as AE, please read the following guidelines:

  1. As soon as possible, please login to PaperCept ( as Associate Editor. On your workspace, you should be able to see papers assigned to you. Please kindly check the authors and make sure that you do not have a conflict of interest (COI). If a COI exists, please notify us immediately. Thanks. ;
  2. Before assign reviewers, you may want to filter out some papers that are obviously unsuitable papers (for example not written in English) and immediately reject. For those passed your eye test, you need to assign at least three reviewers for each paper (The PaperCept has a huge database that you can selected) ;
  3. After reviewer assignment, you need to monitor the review process as reviews come in. If reviews are not substantial enough or are not prepared in an appropriate way, then you should ask the reviewer to provide an improved review. In extreme cases, you may need to request an additional review if a reviewer does not provide a review or does not provide an appropriate review. If difficult situations arise, please do not hesitate to contact us;
  4. After a sufficient number of quality reviews (at least 2) have been obtained, then you would be able to prepare the AE report providing your recommendation on the paper.


Review System


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