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Transportation and Hotel Reservation


Southwest Airlines shall facilitate travel in Sichuan with a multitude of international flights and also a special tourist flight to Jiuzhai Valley. The air stewardess shall impress you with sweet smiles and considerate cares, and they could also offer you tips about your business trip, sightseeing and holiday-making. Your plane shall land in Shuangliu county, 12km away from Chengdu. If time permits, you may also taste the local rabbit delicacy and acquaint youself with the trip in the land of spice. In addition, it is only a 30-minute drive to enter Chengdu proper and press closer to life in Chengdu if a bus is taken on the airport.

Taking a train to Chengdu, one will be warmly attended by the Chengdu stewardesses, who are typically beautiful Chengdu girls. While enjoying the verdant forest views outside the train window, one could be relieved by the conveniences provided by the train station, such as luggage consignment and whole trunk transportation of cargos. At present, the train station dispatches 46 passenger trains each day, accommodating 33,000 passengers and 50,000 passengers on peak days. It shall usher in more passengers as the first train from Chengdu to Lhasa is put through on July 1 2006.

There are six major long-distance bus stations in Chengdu, namely Wukuaishi bus station, Shiling bus station, Chengdu Bus Center, Beimen Bus Center, Xinnanmen Bus Center and Chadianzi Bus Center.The classification of routes is quite specified, facilitating the passengers with a clear destination. Even new comers will never lose their way here, because in general the passerbys are so warm-hearted that they are simply walking dictionaries about the bus information.

Supported by 366 public buses in every direction, the city of Chengdu is known for easy access to trasportation means. Even lane dwells are never worried about the absence of public buses. Besides, the ticket rate of these buses are by no means expensive: 2 RMB for buses with air conditioners and 1 RMB for general buses.

Hotel Reservation

Hotel Map

Official Conference Venue

Sheraton Chengdu Lido Hotel
Sitting in Middle People's Road in Chengdu, Sheraton Chengdu Lido Hotel is near to the CBD area, the Exhibition Hall of Sichuan Province as well as the government offices. Being well-equipped, the hotel is only a 30-minute-drive from Shuangliu international airport and very close to famous scenic spots like Panda Breeding Base, Wushu Temple and Marquis Wu's Temple.
Credit card accepted: Visa Card, Peony Card, Golden Spike Card, Greet Wall Card, Long Card, Master Card, American Express Card, Diners Card and JCB Card.
Transport: at the downtown area, the hotel is 3 miles from the train station and 18 miles from the airport.
Address: 15th, first section, Ren Min Zhong Road, Chengdu

Reservation form: check it out.


Other Hotels

Chengdu Luoman Grand Hotel
Operated by Sichuan Mingyu Group, Chengdu Luoman Grand Hotel is a four-star environment-friendly hotel for business communications. Located in No.22, the 2nd section of Middle People's Road, Chengdu, the hotel is within the CBD and busy blocks of Luomasi. It is 21km from Shuangliu international airport and 4km from the north train station.
Credit card accepted: Visa Card, Peony Card and Golden Spike Card.
Transport: the hotel is 2 miles from downtown area, 10 miles from the train station and 23 miles from the airport.

(1) Address No. 22, Section 2, Ren Min Zhong Road, Chengdu, China
(2) Postal code:610031
(3) Fax:+86(0)28 8292 9977
(4) Booking phone number:+86(0)28 8292 9290,+86(0)28 8292 9999-4201/4202
(5) website:
(6) Customer manager: (Jing Wu),,(0)13981731983

Celebrity Ruicheng Chengdu

(1) Address:(No.68, Section 2, Renmin Middle Road, Chengdu - PRC)
(2) Postal code:610016
(3) Fax:+86(0)28 6676 8777
(4) Booking phone number:+86(0)28 6676 8666
(6) Customer manager :(JASON),,+86(0)138 82088037


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